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RFID SOLUTION FOR SOLAR PANEL MANAGEMENT - Identification and Traceability

RFID tagging solution for Solar Panels is a specialized area in which Dolphin RFID Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneer with its copyright solution which has been field tested. Dolphin has, with its original Research & Development, created special tags which can be read from a distance of more that 1 meter in an actual field environment which is essentially required for the most demanding requirements of a Solar Power Plant. The Dolphin Lite solution which enables both on-line and off-line functioning of the sophisticated, tough and hardened Hand Held mobile reader is indeed unique in itself which will make life much easier for the end user.


Reasons for Use of RFID for Managing Solar Panel Farms

Why implement RFID Systems to track Panels apart from the Mandate ?

  • Asset Lifecycle Management
  • Control Responsibility
  • Control Movement
  • Control Accountability
  • The GOI through The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has mandated that all Photo Voltaic Panels that are commissioned have to be able to be uniquely identified using RFID.
  • Each RFID tag should be able to indentify.
  • Name of the Module and Solar Cell Manufacturer.
  • Month, Year and Country of Manufacture.
  • Modules Technical Characteristics such as Wattage.
  • Serial number that uniquely identifies the panel.
  • Life Cycle Management of Solar Panels.


1. Solar Panel Tagging … Specifically designed for Solar Panels with long lasting capability in harsh environment

Panel Tagging with UHF Gen2Passive Technology


2. DolphinLite …Handheld Application

Default Add on features like … Inventory Mode, Audit, Verification, Image check ... etc.

Remote/Pocket Data for ONLINE and OFFLINE Network

As centralized server with large data solutions are required, similarly end user also needs a limited data by locations or by requirements. DATS provides a compact data carrying device for asset monitoring, listing, searching and auditing and verification system with Online as well as Offline network functionality. With these features like asset data & image accessibility to identify assets with auditing or verifying assets in multiples of kilometers of warehouse area is very effective and easy process for warehouse staff.

3. RFID Tagging key features with Handheld Readers

4. DolphinLite … Provides Mandated information with or without any connectivity to Server

I-V Curve of individual panel
Complete Information Mandated by GOI


5. DolphinLite … While Panel Registration with RFID Tagging Application registers RF Unique ID linked to Panel Serial No to Certify the Panel ‘Authentication' for lifetime even in case of Panel Paper sticker is not available

Asset search mode with Handheld Reader ..

Reader can read file from 1-to-2 meters and indicate user with 3 modes of beeping indications. User can also set the required read range settings according to actual requirements.

User can add any tagged Asset with the help of Handheld application and start search mode ON…


6. DolphinLite … While Panel Registration with RFID Tagging Application registers RF Unique ID linked to Panel Serial No to Certify the Panel ‘Authentication' for lifetime even in case of Panel Paper sticker is not available


7. DolphinLite …Added Benefits

  1. Searching for a particular Panel can be quite time consuming
    • RFID can locate individual Panels in fraction of the time taken to locate them manually using the RFID Handheld readers Audible Geiger counter that zeros in on the Panel being tracked.
  2. Audits of Panels can be conducted in fraction of the time and also provide an electronic record with time stamp

Project Options Provided

RF Tagging Solution Methods: Dolphin has specialized knowledge of the guidelines provided by MNRE with IV curve. Keeping in view the varying needs of the companies providing Solar Solutions in India, Dolphin offers both Ownership and Lease models to achieve the mandated RFID Tagging requirements.

Project Ownership & Self Owned RFID Devices: This is a standard option available in which required RFID Tags & RFID Hardware-Software can be provided by us. Our Technical Team can execute installation and on completion handover complete project to your team. We are pleased to inform you that we have very cost effective RF Solar Panel Tags available, which will be compatible with satisfying all the guidelines from MNRE with IV curve as per the mandate by the Government of India. There are two different types of RFID tags available with us for solar panels –Passive Tags with PC/ABS High Impact Material and the more cost effective Passive Polyester Tag. The basic difference between first tag (Solar Panel Tag with One Meter Read Range) and second (Solar Panel Tag with few inches to 1 ft Read Range) is the difference in read range. Whilst the second option would meet the mandate of GOI, the first option will help in the life cycle management for Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) activities and data mining.

The Leased Services Model : As this solar panel tagging compliance requirement needs to be achieved for installing Panels on field, we have opened up complete ‘Solar Panel Management – By Dolphin Team' options for Solar Solution companies which will save good amount for project cost and take away RF Tags installation and registration issues for Solar solution management team. In this option we DO NOT charge the customer for RFID Hardware & Software. You just need to pay us for the RF Tags and manpower required for project execution on ground. We will maintain your complete Database for all installed Solar Panels and same can be provided to you as required by your management. While maintaining the system, we provide a full backup of the database to you which can be used by your team for any of your internal references.

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